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Pack 8x Makita Lithium Ion Power Tool Batteries
Capacity 432 Watt-Hours
Configuration 2 series 4 parallel = 36 Volts 12 Amp-Hours
Max Power 10C => 120 amps@36v = 4320 Watts
Charge Time 8 Hours
Motor Kollmorgen 400 Watts/0.5HP Rated (1500 watts/2 HP actual)
Gearing 72:11 single speed No.35 chain drive
Controller Shenzen Sucteam 400 Watts (actual 750 watts/1 HP)


  • Ride above 15mph on the previous bike was extremely rough
  • Previous bike was quite ugly
  • Previous bike was not comfortable


  • Improve the ride by using front and rear suspension
  • Refine aesthetics– add paint
  • Refine comfort by building a better seat and lower the pedal height
  • Experiment with lithium batteries


Improved Ride

Using full suspension significantly improves the ride of the bicycle. Even low quality suspension components completely change the character of the bicycle on a road.

Refined Aesthetics

Simple attention to detail and many coats of paint go a long way. Several components were remade with more care and the results are not only more pleasing to the eye but more reliable.

Experiement with Lithium Batteries

A loaner lithium battery pack was mounted to the bicycle. The pack was beyond its normal life span, but the halving of the weight of the bicycle was enough to make it far more practical. For example, it was now light enough to load onto a bus, train, or car rack. Simple maneuvers like turning around in a hallway are no longer chores. Lithium is simply the way to go for battery packs.