Serial Hybrid


Alpha 2.5: Tandem

Alpha 2: Full Suspension

Alpha 1: Short Wheelbase


The bicycle’s pedals turn a generator. Power from the pedals and battery is mixed by electronics and sent to the motor.

Serial Hybrid bicycles mix human and electric power entirely via wires and electronics– no chains required. At this point in time, they are entirely experimental– there has never been a production serial hybrid bicycle and only a handful have ever been built.

The promise of the serial hybrid is a clean, extremely simple to use bicycle. The bike could be used exactly like a one speed bicycle yet have performance of the much more complicated bicycles.

The challenge in building serial hybrids is high performance electronics to maximize efficiency.

HybridMojo is among the few to experiment with serial hybrid bicycles. While a truly practical serial hybrid bicycle is yet to become a reality, we keep dreaming.